I shall not want

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Wolfgang Wegert

In this book, Pastor Wegert, who is known for his refreshing yet thorough way of communicating Biblical truths, opens up the richness of this well-known Psalm. It is in Jesus Christ that the believer can truly find rest. Why so? Because He is the good Shepherd that provides spiritual food for all those that belong to Him. No wonder, this rather short Psalm can be seen as a summery of the entire gospel – from the invitation to believe in Him, to the ups and downs any believer will experience, up to the moment the believer will be made perfect in eternity. Wolfgang Wegert delivered a series of sermons on Psalm 23. They have now been compiled and made available as a book that a broad reading audience can enjoy. It also makes an ideal gift to pass on to others.

Verlage: Arche-Medien
ISBN: 978-3-934936-07-2

Erscheinungsdatum: 2004