Knowing and Enjoying the Gospel

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Wolfgang Wegert

Quite often Christians are asking what’s the matter in our churches. They sense there is something wrong with the proclamation of the gospel but they cannot fathom what. The point is that the humanistic zeitgeist, i.e. the contemporary line of thinking has crept in unawares. What’s more, it has adapted itself to the gospel of Christ in such a way that Bible passages, whilst still being in use, are interpreted one-sidedly. As a result, the gospel is distorted or even turned upside-down at times. Because this has a devastating effect on the health of our faith, this book wants to urgently contribute towards discovering the foundational truths the gospel itself is based on. Of course, pastor Wegert emplays the Bible as a guideline in going back to school, so-to-speak. He also delves into the principles of the Reformers and preachers of great revivals who took Scripture for what it was. Such people include, for instance, Martin Luther and John Calvin, J. Edwards, C. H. Spurgeon and Martin Lloyd-Jones.

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ISBN: 978-3-934936-10-2

Erscheinungsdatum: 2005