The Law of Freedom

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Wolfgang Wegert

Isn’t it true that we live under the dispensation of grace since the days of the New Testament? Why do we still need the law? After all, isn’t Christ the fulfilment of the law? And isn’t love the new command that fully suffices? Numerous people are preoccupied with theses as well as many similar questions. Many see the laws of God as being too stifling, and severe, but they aren’t aware that it is exactly the New Testament that describes them as being the "perfect Law of liberty" (James 1:25, KJV) Its intention is to lead us to the path of freedom and toward a successful and fulfilling life. Yes indeed, it is a law whereby we can live.

Verlag: Arche-Medien
ISBN: 978-3-934936-14-0

Erscheinungsdatum: 2005